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12 Same Day Exact Thoughts Telepathy


Are you curious if someone is harboring feelings for you?

Maybe you’re eager to know about a new love or a potential future relationship on the horizon.

Reflecting on a past relationship? Gain insights into your ex-lover’s current stance or feelings.

Understand the emotional landscape between you and your significant other. How do you both feel at this juncture?

Seek a thorough analysis of your current love situation, understanding its nuances and underlying currents.

If you have specific queries about your partner or love interest, the cards can provide focused answers and clarity.

Wondering about the potential future with someone special? Discover the possibilities that lie ahead.

Gain insights into the ongoing dynamics between you and your loved one. What’s the current energy and how is it shaping your relationship?

Understand the growth trajectory of your relationship. How has it evolved and where is it headed?

Every relationship faces challenges. Identify the obstacles in your path and receive guidance on how to navigate them.

**Why Opt for Our Psychic Reading Telepathy?**

Precision: Renowned for their accuracy, our readings harness the energies around you, offering insights that align closely with your life journey.

Comprehensive Analysis: We venture beyond the surface, examining various aspects of your existence, from relationships and career paths to personal challenges.

Tailored Insights: Each reading is uniquely crafted, ensuring a personalized experience for you.

This listing is for your persons exact thoughts, I don’t need ANY background info BUT i do need the following:

* Name and person involved
* DOB of you and person involved
*Picture of yourself and others involved (optional but helps)
*Question regarding your situation (these thoughts come in automatically but I ask anyway to specifically connect to what you want to know) ** this is not an extra question. this is the question I will ask to get the topic of thoughts you’re looking for.

Note that these thoughts can be past, present or future thoughts about you. These are deep within the subconscious and your person might not even be aware they think these things most of the time.

I connect with others through the eyes but if you’re unable to provide a picture, name and dob will do just fine.

You will receive your reading within 24 hours!

Please provide accurate details. Rest assured, all information is handled with the utmost confidentiality.

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