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This casting will achieve all your desires and more.

Unhappy love was present, probably, in the life of every person … Someone meekly took it for granted and silently endured it, while someone fought for their happiness and resorted to different methods. And often, such a way out and resolution of the issue was to turn to the Dark Forces for help…

My name is victoria, and I have ancient occult knowledge that has been passed down in our family for many centuries. Trust an old and experienced witch, and I will solve your problems.

This Spell has an incredible powerful effect that is aimed exactly at the Target. And so this Spell is intended for those who want to take possession of the heart, thoughts and become the main person for Him. With this Spell, even a stubborn target will be in your hands.

It is a powerful love magic used to bring back a lover who was abandoned in ancient times.. It is used for couples who are abandoned and separated. The spell to bring back lover is the most powerful practice that a person can encounter throughout their life, there is no need for any other practice, The person you care about will come back to you. You will restart your relationship that has ended. You will get back together with your lover and continue on your way with stronger love.

It is also used as a contact me spell. It will help you with love spells about your ex.
✅Do you want to reunite with your ex love ?
✅Do you want your ex love to call?
✅Want to reconnect with your ex love ?
✅You can use it to reunite with a friend or relative you love very much.
✅Your love will be reborn from the ashes with the come back to me spell.

Return to me spell is done as black magic. You can choose white magic depending on your wish.. Our love spells do not create bad karma.I always cast an extra protection spell while casting spells.

Warning: Magic is not a joke; think if you really need this person, I do not play games.

.***** What Is Requried ? *****

• For the come back spell, we need your name and your lover’s surname and date of birth.
• If you do not know the exact date of birth of the person you are interested in. You can send a picture of your target.
• I want you to tell your story briefly. Knowing why you left will make our job easier.

Why do we need a date of birth or a picture?
Many people live in the world with the same name and surname. Directing the energy of the magic to the wrong person will cause it to not work.

If you are still ready for this: You are required in the Personalization section to indicate your name and date of birth

For my part, I will perform the ritual and cast an ancient spell within 48 hours from the date of purchase.

After your Spell is cast, this person will be obsessed with love for you because love is a great feeling that cannot be resisted. You and only you will be in his / her mind and heart 24/7.

After completing the work, I will write to you and send you a photo of my work.

I will send you a photo of my work and a message via your e-mail explaining what I did and what your spell will be for you

This ritual is 100% safe for you!
I assure you that with every reading or ritual performed, you will receive my complete confidentiality!

My dear friends, be happy on this path of life, and I will remain your secret assistant❤️

Love & Light

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37 reviews
94.6% of buyers enjoyed this product!
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  1. Jordyn (verified owner)

    She did an amazing job. She is very straightforward with everything related to the spell. She sent pictures of the casting ritual and how it was done as well. I am already starting to see some positive results. Thank you so much!!!

  2. Monica Dudley (verified owner)

    it’s starting to work!! this morning he wrote me a whatsapp and wants to fix things!! I will always be grateful to you

  3. Esmeralda Sandoval (verified owner)

    She is so amazing my situation needed a custom spell too to help me getting my goal at 100% ❤️ thanks a lot for everything ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Sarabeth Henry (verified owner)

    Took a while to get back to me. Waiting to see if it works. So far just remaining hopeful because my boyfriend hasn’t reached out a lot or barely wants to see me. So we shall see..

  5. Michelle Davila (verified owner)

    just know that you’re in great hands with Victoria!! it’s only been a few days since the spell but i’m already feeling a shift in his energy and i can already feel him being more drawn towards me. i’m so grateful i put my full trust in Victoria and how things are changing already thanks to her. <3

  6. Cornelia (verified owner)

    Very nice contact, absolutely tried and quick feedback with good explanation! Thanks!

  7. Dolli Mama (verified owner)

    I am a returning customer (many times). Victoria is very professional, compassionate, kind, prompt and caring. I can’t say enough. I would highly recommend her services. I’ve only had great experiences with Victoria and look forward to many more. She’s the real deal and you should seriously try out her services. Thank you Victoria !

  8. Kerry Simpson (verified owner)

    Thank you, I recommand that shop => Proof that Spell was made is sent after the work. I confirm it’s her shop, so there is no fake over here, you can trust her. => Very kind person, that explain things in a good and simple way. => Efficient work, you just need to be patient but won’t be disappointed (It’s my second order so I confirm it works if you’re patient enough)

  9. Bellefemme (verified owner)

    She is amazing, and knows her work. Explanation was excellent and literally let me know how the work went. I am thankful and I will patiently wait for the results to transpire.

  10. Bellefemme R D (verified owner)

    Victoria is so kind! With my work she encountered difficulties ( due to a third party as I knew ) but got right back on track. I can’t thank her enough for all her help .to have such a tough time with the Ritual and did it again means a lot to me and shows that she really cares about her customers. Thankfully it went well and i appreciate all what she did in order for it to take place.. I will be back again. I’m patiently waiting for results. thank you so kindly for the Ritual, I will make sure that I keep calm and have a positive mindset throughout the process as I wait. I believe something good and wonderful will happen between us pretty soon as I have faith! thank you so much and I appreciate the work being done. I am so excited for results.

  11. Carly (verified owner)

    Victoria is awesome and very responsive. I asked some questions before ordering to make sure I was getting the right spells needed for my situation. Then after my order she followed up with a pic of the spell. Thank you very much for everything!

  12. Jenny (verified owner)

    Miss Victoria was very fast with my order. She has such a beautiful energy and I can feel it. I have faith. – Update after 6 Days : I got unexpected messages – not from my SP but from one of his family members. This is such a good sign . Thank you so much

  13. Best Nonna (verified owner)

    Love love love, and done so nicely, will be back soon!!!! they know their stuff!!! Update!!!!! He unblocked me and CALLED TO SAY HE MISSESD ME! Thank you beyond words Fiona, he just needed that magical kick in the butt!!!!

  14. Vicky (verified owner)

    My bf is completely unrecognizable ever since Victoria cast my spells. He is much more affectionate and attentive now. He responds to my messages almost instantly, which makes me very happy since we used to argue a lot about that. I have no words to express how grateful and satisfied I feel with my purchase!

  15. Kolleen (verified owner)

    After 6 years of marriage and two children together, it seemed like routine had finally caught up with us. But after ordering some spells from this store, my husband is more passionate and fiery than ever. I’ve started to feel truly desired again, and I’m happier than ever 🙂

  16. Gulia (verified owner)

    The picture of the ritual looked really strong. Victoria is responsive and helpful and her “vibe” exudes positivity so I am hopeful she will reach my stubborn boyfriend and his obsession with me will lead to moving in together and living a peaceful life. I will keep you posted as to whether or not the power of love can budge this man I love, but my experience so far has been a great one with the seller. Thank you Victoria.

  17. Ann G (verified owner)

    Victoria worked on it right away. She is very detailed with the information she gave me and and was quick to respond to my questions. She gave me instructions to do at home which I will be doing. So far I’m very happy with her services.

  18. Kristina (verified owner)

    I tried so many spell casters and all I can say is that Sonya is the real deal. I was on a no contact situation with my twin flame. We were in a complicated situationship that he had to block me on July 7. I didnt know our status after that. I was desperate to fix it. I was skeptical because of the price of her spell. But Sonya, you dont know how much you’ve helped me. From the very beginning you were there. You gave me hope. I’d been following the ritual religiously. I’m on my 6th day of 27 days ritual. The rituals are not hard, it was easy to follow and I’d been putting my heart into it.Starting day 4, I’ve seen it starting to manifest. Hes been calling me, telling me how much he loves me and misses me and need to figure a way to fix this. He said he doesnt know but he never felt like this with others. I believe in you!!!

  19. Daniel arnedo (verified owner)

    Victoria is very professional in her spiritual work and is attentive to clients. If you have any questions about spiritual work, she can certainly explain it to you, I recommend her and I trust the results of her spells.

  20. Billie Bridgman (verified owner)

    Im keeping a positive mind on following the rituals. The seller responds after a day, but I’m sure she is busy to get to everything quicker. After her initial instructions I had a lot of question about execution with my day to day rituals. So maybe a better or more thorough explanation would be better when she first casts the spell to reduce any confusion. So far day 2 no changes but very optimistic things will turn around soon for me. Goodluck everyone!

  21. Mike (verified owner)

    The ritual has just been launched, so I have no opinion to give at this time. But I will definitely come back to give a final review. The saleswoman answers the questions asked, so there is already good customer service.

  22. Sophie (verified owner)

    She was fast to get to work, super polite to work with and her instructions on how to continue the spell work was very detailed. Would 100% do other spell work with her in the future.

  23. Luisa Atuesta León (verified owner)

    Very accomplished actually she is very attentive 2 months ago my ex was not looking for me and today he wrote to me and asked for forgiveness We agree to have a good relationship, it will make a good start, I will continue to inform you Thank you victoria spell I recommend it

  24. Daniela Luna (verified owner)

    Been a couple days he does seem closer but will update when I get real results

  25. Melina (verified owner)

    I bought the spell on 08.18 and the service was extremely fast!! Victoria was amazing and the explanation was in depth and very easy to understand. I’m excited to do this and see the results!! I’ll update if anything happens ☺️. I’d recommend this store!! Update: – Y’all I’m not even joking it’s 24.08 and he had a DJ gig to which I went to and HE WAS CONSTANTLY AROUND ME. CAME TO TALK TO ME, kept on looking at me and we took a pic. AND HE HUGGED MEEE AAAA. He wished me a good night too. BUYTHISSPELL I’m not even joking – Update 25.08 he texted me. Lazt night his radio show wasn’t working and I told him and he sent me the link today to it

  26. Eric (verified owner)

    Very detailed, everything was explained, from the ingredients to the methods used in the ritual. Time will tell if my beloved reaches out but I’m incredibly hopeful and I haven’t been hopeful in months.. was even provided a picture of it in process..

  27. Natalie (verified owner)

    I made a purchase on Wednesday 8/23. I received communication literally the following morning! The customer service provided beyond the purchase is incredible and much appreciated! The additional information is also much appreciated. I truly appreciate your work and dedication to your customers, even after completing the work. Thank you!

  28. Vingra Stepon (verified owner)

    Love the spell and gradually it is working! Fantastic communication and I look forward to coming back for more purchases!

  29. Sandro (verified owner)

    I’m waiting for the results. I will update as soon as possible. Thanks

  30. Tamara (verified owner)

    The service was as expected. She checked up on me and sent photo of the service and offered additional help which is much appreciated especially with what I have been dealing with. I am keeping a clear mind and feeling the ease knowing that all will work out in my favor! Thank you ♥️

  31. Leticia Ramirez (verified owner)

    I’ve noticed a change in how often he will randomly contact me out of no where now and a stronger attraction change in how often he wants me more in a loving way in just these few days since I’ve purchased I can’t wait to see how much more will come to be thank you so much you are truly amazing ✨

  32. Leo (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and results thank you for your service.

  33. Samantha (verified owner)

    Ex and I split up on July 2, completely stopped talking on July 16. Spell was cast on August 9. August 18, we started talking again, have talked daily since, and he’s made it clear he wants to rekindle the relationship!

  34. Amber (verified owner)

    I have used her before with almost instant results. Tonight as she was doing it, his mom messaged me (I haven’t spoke to her in over a month) just to say hey. I took that as a sign. I messaged her to ask if she had by chance done the spell, because what a crazy coincidence, and sure enough, she had! I’m so excited ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  35. Lady Crimson (verified owner)

    Victoria is such a sweet person from the moment you start to talk to her. I could tell she genuinely cares about my issue, and wants to help me. The spell cast was very fast, it was all finished the next day. She explained everything from the ingredients being used, to the procedures in a very detailed manner, and also sent me a photo✨ She answered all my questions, and after the spell (and maybe even during it), I can feel a shift of energy: I know my request will take time to manifest, and I fully believe her power that will make it happen ❤️ Again, thank you so much!

  36. Darius jefferson

    Is this real can someone prove to me it worked for you

  37. Flower

    Sonya casted a spell for me. He has not yet contacted me but I am very confident he will. I feel relaxed and happy and have no doubts. The feed back was Clear and detailled.

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