Akashic Records Soul Profile Reading and Clearing


This report is a primer to the akashic records. It helps you understand who you are at a soul level.

At the core, this type of Akashic Records Reading does not look at the future. It is a snapshot of the conscious and unconscious factors of past life karma, and ancestral karma affecting your life right now.

While I am intuitive, I don’t claim to be “psychic.” If you have a certain situation you want to look at, please give me the details needed to look into it. I also don’t do future predictions, as I don’t personally believe anyone can know the future for sure … because it is always changing.

However, I can let you know what energies are coming in, as well as what is impacting you right now, that will lead to you the next steps to get you to where you need to go.

Starseeds, we are here for a particular reason. When you understand yourself, you start to piece together your purpose.

✅What is your galaxy of origin?
✅How many lifetimes have you had on earth?
✅What gifts and challenges do that bring into this incarnation?
✅What energy centers are your most potent & where do your most substantial gifts lie? What challenges may you face with these powerful energy centers?
✅Where is your god spark(s) located, which allows for an additional flow of divine source energy and gifts? Do you have candidacy for a second god spark?
✅Are there any of your god sparks damaged?
✅How many guides do you have?
✅Are any of your guides negative and need to be cleared from your team?
✅ How many white lights do you have? Do you have any blue lights?
✅How many shields of protection were you born with? How many do you currently have?
✅I will also ask how if there are 1 or 2 yes or no questions you would like to ask your Akashic Records.

You will receive a PDF report answering all the above questions. If something does not apply to you, I will denote it in your reading.

You will receive a 21-day spiritual exercise to raise your shields of protection, heal any damaged god sparks & clear out any guides that no longer serve you.

Delivery Time for Akashic Readings

48 hours after your order

I care about my time with you and want to make sure I can balance giving my full attention to you and my family obligations.
How it works:
✅You order & add the info required
✅I will send a confirmation message & follow up on any questions.
✅I will give you the report a week after you purchase.
✅You can ask up to 5 questions you have about the report (most people have one 1 or 2!)

What I need from you:

1) Name of Recipient
3)Birth Location (City, State, Country)
3)) Exact Birth Time (am or pm) — {OK if you don’t have this}

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